10 Signs She Likes You

Not sure where you stand with someone? Here are 10 sure signs that a woman is into you.

1. Late-Night and Early-Morning Messages:

This means you’re the first and last thing that she thinks about – and it’s a good sign.

2. Pupil Dilation:

Pupil dilation is a sign of interest and attractiveness that people can’t consciously control.

3. Body Language:

Watch if her body language becomes more open around you. Most times, this is a sign of rapport, especially when combined with other signs like eye contact.

4. Smiling:

Few signs can say as much as someone who is genuinely smiling.

5. Sharing Interests:

Does she find reasons to spend more time with you? If she’s picking up one of your hobbies, it’s a clear attempt to spend more time with you and a good reason to connect with her.

6. Eye Contact:

Eye contact is a universal sign of connection, and vital during a date. Remember to look at signs that people can’t control, like dilation of their pupils or blushing.

7. Mimicking Body Language:

It’s called “mirroring” and if someone mirrors your body language, they feel a strong connection with you – and you can build on this connection further.

8. She Accentuates Assets:

If she puts a little more work into accentuating her assets when seeing you, it’s a good sign – and if you play your cards right, this could be as good as a mating call.

9. Comfortable Territory:

Comfortable territory include small signs of trust, like leaving her handbag or drink with you or standing a little closer. This means that she feels comfortable enough with you to do these things.

10. Outside the Friend-Zone:

Does she want to see you outside of her usual circle of friends? It’s a sure sign of interest if she’s making excuses to involve you in her life – or finding reasons to make one-on-one appointments with you instead of going out with friends.

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