Dating Techniques That Don’t Really Work

There are many dating techniques that promise to teach you how to have women breaking down your door, but most of them aren’t as successful as they claim. Here are some popular dating techniques that don’t really work.

  • Secret Admirer

The concept of a secret admirer seems sweet, but it’s actually outdated, creepy – and someone else might take credit for it.

  • Most Pickup Lines

Modern times makes most pickup lines from ten or twenty years ago seem creepy – and they definitely won’t work.

  • “Negging”

While negging might have worked at some point, it doesn’t now and it’s a great way to screw up a great opportunity at conversation.

  • NLP

NLP (also known as Neuro Linguistic Programming) asserts the theory that you can train someone’s behavior to the things you do – but in practice, this sounds about as creepy as it is. You can’t trick someone into falling for you, and you can’t lie to someone until they go on a date with you – both put you on very shaky moral ground.

  • “My Place or Yours?”

This line might have worked ten or twenty years ago, but it’s lost its charm by now – and that’s the worst thing you can possibly lead a conversation with. Most people would find this line far too creepy.

  • Dating and Sexual “Scripts”

Dating and sexual “scripts” come out of books like The Game – and this is about as creepy as hypnotizing someone to go to bed with you. Skip the dating and sexual scripts and get right to the actual conversation: It’ll mean a lot more in the long-term.

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