How to approach girls in 2019

Learning to approach women is an art, and things are different on this end of the 21st Century. You can throw everything you might have learned in dating books before this right out the window. Here are some quick tips for how to approach girls in 2018.

  • Do some research.

A quick check of social media tells you exactly what someone likes and doesn’t.

  • Find connections.

Things you have in common are great conversation starters: Music, movies, the food.

  • There’s no “right time.”

There’s no waiting period for calls or texts, but you can blow it by waiting for too long.

  • Clear expectations from the start.

You should know what you want from the meeting, date or partnership before you go into it – and you should make sure that your expectations match up.

  • Skip most dating “techniques.”

Most dating techniques are too forceful, completely ineffective – and most women can see right through them. An honest approach with the right advice goes further than approaching anything with supposed “techniques.”

  • Dealing with awkwardness.

Awkward moments are going to happen. Laugh them off and move on; they’re a great icebreaker at times. There’s no point on fixating on awkward things you might have said or done.

  • Call back.

If you’ve gone to the effort of approaching someone and getting their phone number, you should go to the effort to call them back – there’s no right or wrong time period, and there’s no hard rule except this: Actually do it.

  • Never be forceful.

Go with the flow, but always respect boundaries – and “no” means just that.

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