How to Be the Asshole Women Love

Sometimes women love the asshole. Nice guys finish last, and that’s the brutal truth. Here’s how you can turn yourself into the asshole women love without pushing it too far.


Show interest in a woman, but never turn this into needy desperation that makes it seem like you cling for dear life. Many dating guides advocate a “lack of interest” approach – but be warned that most can see right through it.   


Your appearance should matter. It really, really should. Pay the right kind of attention to your appearance and ensure that you’re always meticulous, but don’t do this while you’re on dates.

Response to Criticism

Respond to criticism and insults from anyone else harshly, especially when it comes to times where someone insulted your woman – or your ego.


For the kind of asshole you want to be, subculture holds no value: Ignore trends, especially current ones, and seek your own unique style.

Defending Her

Stand up for the woman you’re interested in – it’s always appreciated and means extra points.


Be just the right amount of asshole to everyone else, but never directly to the woman – or to women in general. It’s only this balance that makes this technique worth anything in real life. Being too much of an asshole is a good way to put everyone off – and that’s not the point here, is it?

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